GNSS RTK Receiver

GNSS RTK Receivers

Freyja GNSS Receiver

With integrated RTK technology, the Freyja GNSS receiver offers efficiency and reliability as an advanced positioning solution. After design optimizing, Freyja is smaller than SatLab most receivers, which is only 800g. Freyja combines the latest technology with portability as it utilizes more constellations and signals for accurate positioning. It is designed to increase productivity by 25% and enable you to work continuously for more than 12 hours. You can count on SatLab Freyja, which is suited for any measuring task.

New GNSS Antenna

The Freyja GNSS receiver adopts a new GNSS antenna, which enhances the anti-interference ability and tracking capabilities of the low elevation angle. The stability of Bluetooth and connector improve significantly, ensuring the project works on track.

Advanced IMU Positioning Technology

9-axis IMU sensor ensures intelligent survey performance. Stakeout speeds up by faster position calculation and information output. Moreover, real-time pole-tilt compensation guarantees quality results under any severe measurement conditions. 2.5cm accuracy is achieved under the inclination of 30°.

Software Support

The SatLab Satsurv is the best companion for the Freyja GNSS receiver. The professional field surveying software is easy to use with full functions for further performance promotion of the Freyja. It brings you a more flexible, efficient and interactive experience.

Applications OF Freyja GNSS Receiver

  • Mapping
  • Land Survey
  • Topography and As-built
  • Landfill
  • Hydrographic
  • Agriculture
  • Sensor
  • UAV Base Station