SHC55 Handheld Controllers

SHC-30 Handheld Controllers

SHC55 Handheld Controllers

Rugged and Tough Controller for Any Type of Field Work

As a new generation of the handheld controller, the SHC55 with an updated screen provides a wider vision and high visibility under direct sunlight. The latest software Satsurv contributes more intelligence to the terminal. With a full-keyboard design and flash charge, SHC55 is an excellent choice for your survey work since it is durable and trustworthy in the field in all situations.

Features OF SHC55 Handheld Controllers

  • 5.5″ capacitive touch screen for fingers or stylus.
  • Full energy supply for fieldwork assurance.
  • The alphanumeric layout of the keyboard for easier input.
  • The Android 10.0 operating system for productive survey projects and data.

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