SL700 GNSS RTK Receiver

SL700 GNSS RTK Receivers

SL700 GNSS Receiver

GNSS Receiver is an easy-to-use gnss device that is designed to be compact and rugged for your everyday surveying usage. Made to withstand the harshest weather conditions, the SL700 performs with great mobility and flexibility. This innovative receiver delivers the most accurate results in the most efficient way for your fieldwork.

New and improved innovation technology

Powered by multi-constellation tracking, SL700 offers accurate and precise results with improved performance. Armed with an advanced engine, this GNSS receiver features a multi-device interface depending on your application which boosts your productivity and efficiency.

Efficient and dependable

Powered by the advanced engine, this receiver offers precise positioning and advanced interference mitigation which performs even in the most remote or challenging environments. Using its 555 channel tracking capabilities, it can track all current and upcoming signals, offering sub-metre to centimetre precise positioning with different modes (RTK, PPK, Static).

Satellite Crrection Servicet

The SL700 has TerraStar capabilities that use a global network of multi-GNSS reference stations and advanced algorithms to generate highly precise GNSS satellite orbit, clock, biases, and other system parameters. These data allow TerraStar to provide correction services with sub-metre or centimetre-level positioning accuracy to SL700 receivers. Get your corrections transmitted in real-time, with minimal latency via satellites and cellular networks worldwide.

Applications OF SL700 GNSS RTK Receiver

  • Mapping
  • Land Survey
  • Topography and As-built
  • Landfill
  • Hydrographic
  • Agriculture
  • Sensor
  • UAV Base Station